Friday, June 24, 2016

Hexagram 18, Ku. Decay.

Two months after I moved home from a four-year stint in Asia my parents- who are in their early 70’s- almost split up after 38 years of marriage. My dad asserted his independence with an icy eccentricity characteristic of the Holdorf clan and my mom lost it, piping out years of acid rage. She pulled a Becky and turned the tragedy into an opportunity to shine. She lost 20 pounds and damn near moved into a homeless shelter but also re-appropriated a certain sense of self. Maybe that’s what Harry was doing all along, it’s hard to tell what’s behind his opaque writing and one-liners. I watch myself in them as they stomp around the house ruffling their feathers, like birds, mules, lightning bugs.

It was a feat in and of itself for me to make it out of Asia this time. A sudden flight cancellation, an entire airport on lockdown and a cross-country train ride had me flying across the Pearl River in a taxi, packing my bags in a frenzy, giving half of my holey wardrobe to an airport cleaning lady. I knew it would be hard to pry myself from the The Far East but I failed to predict that my family structure would be so fundamentally changed upon my return.

My I Ching today was hexagram 18, Ku, the Chinese character for decay.

_______      _______
_______      _______
_______      _______

The first two lines read:

 “Setting right what has been spoiled by the father.”

“Setting right what has been spoiled by the mother.

The Judgment


Has supreme success.

It furthers one to cross the great water.

Before the starting point, three days.

After the starting point, three days.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Magical Portrait Shoot with Nicholas Pepe

Covering Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai for Netease News

My story about Chinese tourism in Chiang Mai for Spring Festival ran on Netease. Brewing tension between locals and Chinese tourists was set off when a Chinese tourist kicked an ancient bell at a famous temple on Doi Suthep the day I was there with a tour group. As I worked on this story, I became more and more aware of frustration, prejudice and even racism against Chinese among local merchants. Scandals and incredulous stories of egregious behavior by Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai were a dime a dozen. A story that I expected to be lighthearted and upbeat turned out to be more complex than I had realized.

 Here is a link to the images:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Miss Universe China

I was asked to shoot behind the scenes of the Miss Universe China training this year and got to tour Sri Lanka with them. From photo shoots at ancient Buddhist temples to reality show races through cobra-infested rice fields, it was a highly entertaining journey.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Slideshow of Miss China on Sina website

A selection of images from my trip to Sri Lanka with the 15 contestants of Miss Universe China ran on the Sina website.

 You can see the images here:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Boy From the Sky

Some portraits from a beautiful production by my good friend Vanessa Tolino.